Far Cry 6’s Dog: Cutest Things Chorizo Does In The Game

Ubisoft used a variety of adorable animals in the Far Cry’s marketing materials however Chorizo quickly became the most well-known. Chorizo is the Sausage dog was probably far cry 6‘s most distinctive Amigo and comes with a custom-made wheelchair as well as various pouches to store tools and other items. Despite his limitations the determination of Chorizo to help the guerilla groups is unmatched. Although he isn’t able to destroy opponents, Chorizo still utilizes his adorableness to defeat Anton Castillo’s numerous military grunts and help retake Yara and win the hearts of his players in the process.

Chorizo is among the very first Amigos players that can join Yara. He is part of Philly an explosives expert and mechanic. The two Chorizo as well as Philly are members of the Monteros group, a guerilla organization that is featured in Far Cry 6 that Libertad will attempt to unite with. Players can later access their own ” Who’s A Good Dog” mission that requires the collection and delivery of three items across the map of the game. Then, Chorizo becomes a summonable friend for Dani Rojas during missions and roams free.

Although Chorizo may not be the most efficient Amigo on the scene in Far Cry 6 but he’s the most adorable. He has many abilities to aid Dani when they fight for Yara’s liberation. Chorizo is not only capable of healing as well, but he is also able to deter enemies from sneaky missions. His connection to Philly is what makes Chorizo an invaluable resource when searching for resources, since the intelligent animal can discover hidden resources in the earth. Far Cry games are frequently violent, chaotic however Chorizo is more than just an assortment of cute characteristics to help make the experience more enjoyable.

Far Cry 6 Demands Players Feed Chorizo

Every Far Cry 6 Amigo has players to accomplish various tasks in order to earn their loyalty. Sometimes, it is necessary to complete specific quests or challenges but for Chorizo, the reward is more simple. In collecting his favorite kinds of food and placing the bowl in his players can observe the tiny wiener dog munch down on his food. It is also possible to only provide one or two ingredients, which can result in Chorizo throwing a temper and throwing a tantrum. A dachshund sitting in a wheel chair bounce around in a rage while barking is funny and hilarious providing players with an opportunity to escape the tension-filled surroundings for a short time.

Chorizo’s Traversal Methods In Far Cry 6 Are Adorable (And Impressive)

It is said that the landscape of Yara’s map the game Far Cry 6. is very different based on the area as well Chorizo isn’t always in the field to tackle these difficulties. Fortunately, Chorizo is a savvy dog and will always find a way to be a part of Dani in the battles they face across Yara. Participants can testify to some of his problem-solving skills by jumping over fences or other high hurdles. Chorizo is a follower until he realizes that there is no way to cross and then begins his search for more suitable terrain to climb or cross. If he is at the right angle players can see Chorizo climbing over obstacles (in the most physics-challenging manner) and leaping over them to land at the other end. Although it can be a bit disorienting the experience, watching Chorizo perform these amazing feats is among the most amazing events in the game.

Chorizo Is Far Cry 6’s Cutest Accessory To Murder

In contrast to Amigos like the Far Cry’s Boomer or Oluso Chorizo isn’t able to do takedowns on soldiers of the enemy. In contrast, Dani can instruct Chorizo to move towards targets and deter them. The soldiers then attempt to persuade Chorizo to touch him, which allows them to kill them in stealth. While some dogs may be frightened by this act, Chorizo has no issues regularly bringing enemies to their death. His acting is Oscar-worthy as the adorable dachshund puts on a show of nervousness and dances on the wheels that are rusty of his chair. The wagging tail of Chorizo’s nervously waving is the final part of the illusion, giving adversaries something to smile at as they pass by in the final moments of their lives.

Far Cry 6 Players Can Pet The Dog

There’s always a level of dismay when games do not let players have pets of their own. Fortunately, Far Cry 6 lets players indulge this desire with the most adorable. Far Cry 6’s Amigo friends are all able to interact with and allow players to touch all kinds of animals, from crocodiles to panthers However, Chorizo offers the most unique experience in this mode. The adorable character of Chorizo is often the star of the show and he’s also much cuter in person. Eyes that are big and brown, filled with happiness fill players’ screens with the joyous sounds of a happy dog. The pure serotonin that this behavior creates makes Dani with joy, since both male and female versions often laugh or inform Chorizo how great a dog the dog is.

Far Cry 6 Lets Chorizo Smile At The Camera

Far Cry 6’s photo mode , when combined with its addition of Chorizo produces some of the most adorable photos players will see during their digital life. Although rebellions can be bloody, messy, and emotional occasions, taking the time to enjoy the view together with friends is an enjoyable break. Although some photo-based modes, such as The Red Dead Revolver’s inability to provide characters with company, Chorizo ensures Dani Rojas will never be on her own. The players can take stunning photos of the Yara’s war-torn world and snap pictures with their friends. DarkKnightTazze uploaded an illustration of this on the Far Cry 6 subreddit to show that Chorizo can lighten the daytime in Yara.

Far Cry 6 Is Filled With Dangers, And Chorizo Is Ready To Face Them

In a setting as hazardous as Far Cry 6 Dani Rojas and Libertad Rojas be prepared to scare enemies away or eradicate them. Chorizo was raised around the guerillas and has likely encountered many threats before he joined Dani as well as Libertad. Although most dogs of his size would flee in fear of a fight, his determination to fight is beyond any limits. When confronted by imminent dangers, Chorizo can be seen as he snarls and prepares himself to fight. However, his fearlessness is hindered by his size and charming features. However much anger is visible in his large brown eyes, or how sharp his teeth appear at the world, both friends and enemies cannot resist the urge to hug him everywhere.

While Chorizo is cute however, he’s far from Far Cry 6’s sole strength. There are many more adorable actions Chorizo does in the Far Cry 6 story, and even beyond and players are encouraged to check the other characters. Despite the game’s many shortcomings there are plenty of fun and exciting features to take pleasure in throughout Yara and it’s made more enjoyable with a pet companion such as Chorizo.