Fed Skips Round of Rate Hikes, Crypto and Stocks Crumble

• The Federal Reserve has announced that it will pause its aggressive inflation fighting strategy and keep interest rates at about 5%.
• Market analysts are debating the implications of this decision, as Powell has left open the possibility of further rate hikes.
• The Fed’s policies have contributed to high consumer price inflation and the collapse of three U.S. banks, leading many to question Powell’s decisions.

The Federal Reserve Pauses Interest Rate Increases

The Federal Reserve is taking a pause on raising interest rates in order to reflect on the impact of its aggressive inflation fighting strategy. Chairman Jerome Powell said they “shouldn’t call it a skip” and left open the door for further hawkish rate increases if needed. This decision comes after 10 consecutive interest rate hikes from 2020-2021.

High Consumer Price Inflation

The global pandemic has been a contributing factor to consumer price inflation spiking to 40-year highs of over 9%, due to regional war cutting off global supply of necessities like wheat and oil. Despite this, Powell clarified that signs show inflation may be easing and intends to use this “pause” periodto assess the impact of their strategies so far.

Effects On Markets And Crypto

Stocks and crypto both dropped following Powell’s press conference, as many interpreted his slip of the tongue as an indication that rates may still rise later this year (as early as July). Despite the Fed’s decision to pull back on their most aggressive monetary policy since 1980s, some remain unconvinced that it is enough or even wise given how far they have come already.

Economic Rejiggering At The Fed

The experimental economic rejiggering at the Fed has caused much debate amongst market analysts regarding its effectiveness in navigating an economy out of a global pandemic. With consumer price inflation spiking, many believe that more caution should be taken when deciding future policy changes within the central bank system.


Overall, market analysts are still debating whether or not the Federal Reserve’s decision was indeed wise or if more could have been done earlier on in order to avoid such drastic changes in policy in order protect banks and consumers alike during these trying times.