New initiatives aimed at VTubers and gamers are being launched by a cryptocurrency platform.

A cryptocurrency initiative has created a new network for gamers to meet new people, as well as a production company aimed at bringing the next generation of VTubers to the masses.

Two new initiatives are being promoted by a decentralised sharing economy protocol as part of an ever-expanding ecosystem.

TimeCoinProtocol provides an environment in which DApps that bring people closer together may be developed, and the company is also focused on releasing services that capitalise on current trends.

GameTomodachi is one of its newest projects, which allows eager gamers to meet new people with whom to share their interest. This ecosystem not only allows users to meet new people, but it also allows them to play games with top YouTubers, VTubers, and professional esports players.


Players can talk about their hobbies and interests with one another during each game. In terms of business, this allows influencers to sell tickets for their time, post photos and videos, and issue nonfungible tokens. On GameTomodachi, there has been a rush of activity, and each milestone of the roadmap has been marked on Github.

TimeCoinProtocol, a brand-new production firm, has been working with virtual YouTubers, or VTubers, for a while now. This is where entertainers utilise anime-inspired avatars to connect with their followers and promote fresh information to the people, and it’s very popular in Japan.

NeoRad, a new VTuber production from the firm, aspires to take entertainment to the next level by delving into the field of digital art. NeoRad’s mission is to help aspiring content producers gain a following in their chosen field, whether it’s gaming, singing, music, anime, or comics. They will be able to improve their skills and learn the critical milestones they need to reach in order to become a star if they are in a supportive atmosphere.

Shirahari Uni, Nekohime Niko, and Irodori Mushiki are among the renowned VTubers who have already joined NeoRad. To give you an indication of the reach of some of these VTubers, Shirahari Uni exceeded 100,000 subscribers, which was a significant milestone for TimeCoinProtocol. Talented VTubers can apply to join NeoRad on a one-time basis, and the project is also looking for talented video editors, illustrators, and artists to join the production team.

NeoRad and GameTomodachi will function together in a symbiotic relationship, with each platform supporting the other.

So, what’s next?

TimeCoinProtocol has been working hard to expand the range of services available on its platform.

In the future, the project plans to expand its footprint in Japan, India, Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines, all of which have millions of potential users. From here, the corporation hopes to grow its brand in the West, where a strong interest in anime and Japanese culture is anticipated to be heightened by the 2018 Olympics in Tokyo.