Project activities

Danube:Future is a multi-year program (2013-2020). It consists of three modules: (a) core, (b) capacity building and (c) sustainability related research with a long-term socio-ecological component.  The Core will create the DRB-Sustainability Knowledge Base as main output, including the DF WIKI.

Danube:Future is a unique combination of regional, national and supra-national initiatives in interdisciplinary sustainability research with training and capacity building. It contributes to the sustainable development of the Danube River Basin (DRB) with a particular focus on the contribution of humanities.

Project map

The future is not built on a "tabula rasa", but has to account for the legacies of the past. Therefore, Danube:Future focuses on cultural heritage as an interface between social and economic sustainability, on natural heritage as an interface between ecological and both economic and social dimensions and on the interdisciplinary methodology necessary to study the immaterial and material hybrid heritage of the DRB from a humanities’ perspective.