Shapella: Ethereum’s Upcoming Upgrade Now Referred To By Devs

• Ethereum developers are referring to the upcoming upgrade as “Shapella,” a combination of Shanghai (execution layer) and Capella (consensus layer).
• Shapella is the result of merging two layers – the execution (application) layer and consensus layer – that make up Ethereum’s blockchain.
• The original plan was to transition only to the proof-of-stake chain, but that proved too complicated, so they merged both chains together.

What is Shapella?

Ethereum developers have started to refer to the blockchain’s upcoming hard fork – in this case a key upgrade – as “Shapella.” It’s a combination of Shanghai (execution layer) and Capella (consensus layer).

Overview of Ethereum

Ethereum is made up of two layers: the execution layer and consensus layer. The execution layer will undergo the Shanghai upgrade, while on the consensus side it’s known as “Capella.” Therefore, developers are cleverly referring to the whole thing as “Shapella.”

The Merge

Prior to when it went through its last upgrade, Ethereum used proof-of-work blockchain technology. When Ethereum switched over to its proof-of-stake chain, developers initially planned on transitioning just to this new chain. But due to complications, they decided merge both chains together—the Merge.

Benefits of Shapella

The merging of these two layers brings with it several benefits for Ethereum users including improved scalability and security as well as more flexibility for applications built on top of Ethereum. Additionally, by combining these two layers into one unified protocol, it allows for much simpler upgrades down the line.


In conclusion, Shapella is an upcoming hard fork for Ethereum that combines both their execution and consensus layers into one unified protocol for improved scalability and security along with easier future upgrades.