Unlock Web3 Mass Adoption with NFTs: Loyalty, Memberships & Ticketing

• The conversation around NFTs has shifted from speculation to utility, with major players using NFTs to power loyalty, membership and ticketing services.
• Companies are looking at NFTs as a way to build stronger relationships with customers by tying rewards to long-term ownership.
• Popular mainstream brands such as GQ, Sports Illustrated, and Starbucks have launched their own NFT-linked programs in order to onboard new users into Web3.

NFTs Shift From Speculation To Utility

The conversation around non-fungible tokens (NFTs), particularly in the form of profile pictures (PFP) collections, has shifted from speculation to utility. Major players have opted to use NFTs to power loyalty, membership and ticketing services in order to build stronger relationships between brands, creators and consumers by tying rewards to long-term ownership. Examples include GQ’s NFT-linked magazine subscription in February 2021, Sports Illustrated’s NFT ticketing program in May 2021, and Starbucks’ Odyssey Web3 loyalty program which was launched as a beta version in October 2021.

Why Loyalty Programs?

Loyalty programs offer an attractive way for popular brands to bring in new customers looking for richer brand experiences while maintaining integrity and avoiding complicated onboarding procedures. It also presents an easy path forward for onboarding the most new users into Web3 while still providing them with rewarding experiences that keep them engaged over the long term.

What Are The Benefits Of Using NFTs?

Using an NFT based loyalty system has several advantages over traditional methods of customer engagement: it is much more secure than other digital payment methods such as credit cards; it can be easily integrated into existing systems; it provides an immutable record of customer transactions; and it allows for a more customizable experience due to its ability to store additional information on each token. Additionally, these tokens can be used across multiple platforms or apps without needing any additional setup or integration work.

Does This Mean Mass Adoption Is Coming?

While there is still some debate about whether or not mass adoption of blockchain technology is feasible or even desirable , the fact that so many major companies are utilizing these technologies suggests that this could play a key role in bringing blockchain technology into mainstream use. Additionally, by allowing customers access rewards that they would not have been able access otherwise , these systems create incentives for people who may not have previously been interested in blockchain technology but now see value in engaging with it .


All signs point towards continued growth of using non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) for loyalty programs , memberships ,and ticketing services . As more companies experiment with using this type of technology , we may start seeing mass adoption sooner rather than later . Ultimately , these initiatives demonstrate how powerful blockchain technology can be when applied correctly and with enough creativity .