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SH3_09 - Spatial development, land use, regional planning
SH3_10 - Urbanization, cities and rural areas
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town and urban planning, urban analysis, urban history
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Alessandra Marin is Town Planning assistant professor in Trieste University, Department of Engineering and Architecture. She awarded a first class degree to Architecture in Venice IUAV, in 1995 and became PhD in urban planning at Turin Polytechnic in 2001. Her research activity is focused on the connection between the origin and the systematization of city planning subject, on the creative process of plans and politics whose subjects are urban reabilitation, modification and increasing. Three main remits are the following ones: • The connection between city plans and city transformations in XIXth and XXth century Italy • According a local development view, the safeguard and enhancement of cultural, historical and environmental heritage • The negotiation and participatory approach to urban planning, both stressing the role of different playing parts during the innovative plan making process and verifying the final result quality of all them

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