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Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici
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SH6_01 - Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology
SH6_03 - Ancient history
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Administrative, social, economic, religious history of the Roman World: literary, archaeological, epigraphic sources
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Claudio Zaccaria was born and lives in Trieste. He took a degree in Ancient History at the University of Trieste, where his career has developed. At the present he is Full Professor, teaching Latin epigraphy, Roman history at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He was director of several departments and member of the Academic Senate. He acted as joint director in the excavations of the EFR at Aquileia. The topics of his research are: the study and publication of Roman inscriptions; administrative, economic, social, religious history, forms of settlements, production and trade of bricks, tiles and amphorae (around 150 papers: He is taking part in researches on the palaeo-environment of the site of Aquileia, in the implementation of the archaeological map of Friuli Venezia Giulia and of a computerized atlas of ancient Adriatic. He likes travelling, walking in the mountains, reading and listening to classical music.

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